The Allure Editors’ Guide to Wedding Hair, Makeup, And Everything In Between

[ad_1] If you live by your to-do lists the way I do, you might see wedding planning as your Super Bowl. You booked a venue (check), picked out flowers (check), and sent out invitations (touchdown!). Your calendar might be so full that your wedding beauty details—like your hair, makeup, skin care, and nail look—are the … Read more

I Can’t Decide What I Love More: Megan Fox’s Crystal Tears or Her Turquoise Nails

[ad_1] Megan Fox is in her blue period — literally and figuratively. The actor recently swapped her pastel pink hair for a “blue jeans” hue, and now both her makeup and manicure are feeling blue too. The Taurus queen’s latest look doesn’t just feature long, flowing aqua blue waves and matching turquoise nails, which are … Read more

I’ll Be Copying Martha Stewart’s Upscale Bedhead Bob for My Next Dinner Party

[ad_1] If there’s anyone who can convince me to wear a tousled bob and fancy pajamas to lunch, it’s the icon, the legend, the absolute queen of hosting and homemaking: Martha Stewart. Stewart did just that for a day in Las Vegas, proving that you can wear PJs out and about, as long as they’re … Read more

Rihanna’s Perfectly Undone Bun Is the Only Summer Hair Inspo You Need

[ad_1] OK, OK, we’re still several weeks away from the unofficial start of summer, a.k.a. Memorial Day weekend, but admit it — you’re already longing for those endless sunny days, weekend beach trips, and backyard hangs, aren’t you? There’s no time like the present to start planning your summer beauty game, and Rihanna’s here to … Read more