I Can’t Decide What I Love More: Megan Fox’s Crystal Tears or Her Turquoise Nails


Megan Fox is in her blue period — literally and figuratively. The actor recently swapped her pastel pink hair for a “blue jeans” hue, and now both her makeup and manicure are feeling blue too.

The Taurus queen’s latest look doesn’t just feature long, flowing aqua blue waves and matching turquoise nails, which are both pretty major in their own right. As the pièce de résistance, makeup artist Jenna Kristina added sparkling, crystalline tear drops below Fox’s lower lashline. “Don’t cry tears we cry diamonds,” Fox wrote in the caption. There’s a lot to look at here, and I truly can’t decide which element is my favorite, so let’s break it down, shall we?

Fox debuted the blue hair with an accompanying bob, but she’s been wearing longer lengths lately, sweeping past her shoulders in the prettiest shade of pure turquoise and bringing out her blue eyes. A touch of dark hair peeked through at the root, giving it an edge and effortless coolness.

Kristina groomed Fox’s brows to perfection, then brushed a blend of light, shimmery white and pale rose shadows across her lids, anchoring the ethereal colors with bold black eyeliner on the top and lower lashline and outward and applying false lashes to the upper lashes. The “tears” were created with tiny gemstones, applied directly beneath her lower lashline and “dripping” downward. Glossy apricot lips and blush picked up the tint of her eye shadow and kept the palette light and angelic, and I am obsessed.

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