Selena Gomez’s Curtain Bangs Are Back


We’ve all been there. After hemming and hawing and annoying all of your group chats with your ambivalence, you finally decide to cut bangs. And within days — maybe hours — you find yourself googling how to blend your bangs into the rest of your hair while you grow them out. And for a minute there, it seemed like Selena Gomez might have been going through banger’s remorse. After cutting wispy, full-forehead-coverage fringe back in February, her bangs seemed to disappear. But she was spotted re-embracing bangs in a way we haven’t seen in a while.

Gomez spent late February, March, and April making public appearances in side-parted styles that made it seem like that new fringe we were freaking out over had magically disappeared. (We were especially impressed with her ’90s supermodel volume at the SAG Awards.) But on Wednesday, April 24, when she took the stage at the Time 100 Summit at Lincoln Center in New York City, the cheekbone-length layer had reemerged.

This time, instead of reaching all the way across, Gomez styled her fringe as ever-trendy curtain bangs. Her rich, brown hair — currently reaching an inch or two past her shoulders — was styled in loose waves with a middle part that split her bangs into two swoopy sections. Truly some gold-standard curtain bangs if we’ve ever seen them.

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