Beyoncé Gave Us a Rare Glimpse at Her Natural Hair Texture


Nowadays — nowadays being the Cowboy Carter days — we rarely see Beyoncé without a Stetson atop her head. And under those classic cowboy hats, more often than not, is a strikingly gorgeous platinum blonde wig that stretches in length anywhere from mid-back to mid-calf. It can be easy to forget that, under that wig, is some truly gorgeous, long hair of her own. But in a new video, the superstar gave us a thorough reminder of just how heavenly her natural hair looks.

Beyoncé shared a video singing (not literally, unfortunately) the praises of her hair-care brand, Cécred, and in the process showing off her wash-day routine and her natural hair texture. She shows her stylist wetting her blown-out hair to reveal her beautiful curl pattern, treating it with the Rice & Rose Protein Rital, followed by the Moisturizing Deep Conditioner and “a tiny bit” of the Moisture Sealing Lotion. While we watch the process, she dispels an annoying myth.

“The stigma and misconception is that people that wear wigs don’t have long and healthy hair,” Beyoncé says. “That’s some bullshit ’cause it ain’t nobody business.”

Beyoncé also reveals that she limits the damage she does to her natural hair by making color the only chemical process she puts it through. “I’ve chosen color over perms and relaxers,” she says. She tries to limit excessive heat-styling, too, although we do see her getting her hair straightened to a stunning shine, followed by curling with rollers and an iron.

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