It’s Not Every Day You See Knee-Length Twists Like Tia Mowry’s


It often seems like we never see the same hairstyle on Tia Mowry twice. And why shouldn’t she switch it up as often as she pleases? The actor is also the founder of a fabulous hair-care line, 4U by Tia, so she’s regularly showing off what her products can do. But the hairstyle she showed off last night isn’t just a new one for her, it’s a rare gem for pretty much anyone.

Mowry wears her natural curls in lots of different ways: in a short and bouncy style, in a shoulder-length layered shape, middle-parted into little ponytails, and much more. But every now and then, it’s time to dramatically change it up and break out the awesomely long extensions.

She posted a carousel of photos and clips of herself and her son, Cree, to her Instagram grid with the caption, “We clean up nicely,” and that’s an understatement. Cree is looking especially dapper, and Mowry looks totally stunning in a black, one-shoulder Alex Perry dress with a dramatic statement sleeve. But the true centerpiece of the look is her hair.

Starting as four evenly spaced, middle-parted braids along her scalp — and revealing some of her gorgeous grays — the style transforms into beautiful twists. And just when you think your eye has reached the ends, they just keep going. In fact, you can’t even see the ends in some of the photos — they’re just that long. But from the looks of her photo alongside her son, the strands reach her knees. Her knees.

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