Hindustan Unilever Increases Ad Spends By 23.26% On YoY Basis In Q4FY24 & 32.24% In FY24


The parent company of Surf Excel, Pears, Dove, Lakme, Brooke Bond, Quality Walls and more, Hindustan Unilever, has reported a 32.24% increase on a YoY basis in its spending on Advertising and Promotion this fiscal year as it spent Rs 4,907 crore in FY23 and Rs 6,489 crore in FY24.

Continuing similar trend on a quarterly basis, the FMCG major’s expense on Advertising and Promotion also ballooned 23.26% YoY with the company spending Rs 1,616 crore on the same in Q4FY24, as opposed to Rs 1,311 crore it had spent on the same in the corresponding quarter in FY2023.

The total expenses of HUL, inclusive of the ad spends, in Q4FY24 stood at Rs 12,100 crore, which is 1.15% higher than Rs 11,962 crore it spent in the corresponding period, last fiscal year. As compared to FY23 wherein its total expenses stood at Rs 47,683 crore, the company’s expenditure in FY24 shot up 2.31% to Rs 48,783 crore.

However, the FMCG major’s Revenue from Operations went down 0.03% on a year-on-year basis from Rs 15,215 crore in Q4FY23 to Rs 15210 crore in Q4FY23. On a yearly basis, the same stood at Rs 61,896 crore in FY24 which was 2.17% higher from its previous fiscal’s Rs 60,580 crore.

As a result, the company’s Total Income, comprising Revenue from Operations and Other Income, stood at Rs 15,441 crore in the fourth quarter of FY24, up 0.43% from Q4FY23’s Rs 15,375 crore. Compared to FY23, wherein the FMCG major amassed a sum total of Rs 61,092 crore, the numbers grew 2.64% to touch Rs 62,707 crore in FY24.

Taking into consideration all of the above, it is clear that while HUL registered a profit of 1.37% in FY24 as its P&L was positive with Rs 10,282 crore. In FY23, the same stood at Rs 10,143 crore.

However, the company registered a loss of 1.54% during the January-February-March period as the numbers went down to Rs 2,561 crore this year, from the previous fiscal year’s Rs 2,601 it clocked in during the corresponding quarter.


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