Rü, a new restaurant in Hyderabad, emerges amid ancient boulders


The birth of this new restaurant in Hyderabad is an interesting story. The land was originally a hill dotted with boulders. The contour level planning, architecture, and elevation design was the brain child of the designers Mithul Sanghi and Disha Bhansali of The Linespace Studio. Architecture firm Lengths Group was brought on board as technical advisors, and played a crucial role in the execution. Together they devised a novel architectural approach, retaining the boulders within the design, cleverly integrating it into the building’s structure. They used grey cement brick topped with lime plaster, to give a ruined effect. The internal staircase, elegantly wrapping around the boulder, adds to the natural charm of the restaurant. Without disrupting the natural topography, they managed to create a space that exists within the context of it’s spectacular location. The result is a restaurant that looks like it is rising from the ruins, from an ancient undiscovered space.

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The minimalist bar on the fourth floor.

Gokull Rao Kadam

Boulders add depth to the beautiful dining room.

Gokull Rao Kadam

The Details

Rü in Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills is spread over a sprawling 14,000 square feet and spans across multiple floors. A charming lobby fitted with chequered flooring and a staircase clad in pencil bricks welcomes guests. While the first three floors are reserved for office, store rooms and kitchen, Rü makes a bold entry on the fourth floor with a capacious dining room and a minimalist bar. A huge boulder stands guard at a corner and smoothens the flow of the floor plan. The soft colour palette of brown and beige marries the natural stones and woods in a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere. Potted plants adds unexpected pop of green to the muted assembly. But there are moments of restrained whimsy, too, such as the wall draped in hand-painted Urdu poetry. Somewhere between a piece of wall art and a wall covering, it makes an instant impact. The artefacts tucked away in little niches in the walls also create a lot of intrigue.


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