5 striking restaurants in India where minimalism is anything but boring

[ad_1] For these restaurants in India, the key to success is in the details. Subdued colours, greenery, quirky and nature-inspired elements give minimalism a much-needed refreshing definition. Mokai In Bandra, A Coffee Shop With Cute Japanese Minimalism Mokai emerges as a refreshing change in a restaurant landscape increasingly dominated by overly thematic renderings of different … Read more

AD Small Spaces: A 750-square-foot home in Mumbai champions minimalism and clever storage

[ad_1] Off-whites and neutral hues became integral to the area’s palette, allowing high-contrast accents to take centre stage. The living room of the family home is directly adjacent to the kitchen and dining area and has similar tonal properties. A rattan console, a round black coffee table, and a textured rug soften the grey couch … Read more

Editor’s Letter: Homes that make us nostalgic

[ad_1] “Sustainability has become rhetoric. Magazine editors might have a role to play in that but it doesn’t take away from its immediate, essential importance. To not be an afterthought, but a starting point, a given, a life choice, that’s the agenda. So year after year, we focus one edition on sustainability and highlight practices … Read more

Inside a 1970s home in Ahmedabad beautifully restored by AD100 architect Kunal Shah

[ad_1] Fouzdar house, situated in Navrangpura, an older suburb of Ahmedabad, has seen better days. It stands in a neighbourhood that has over the years given way to high-rise buildings. Built in 1971 by the current owner’s grandfather with a local architect, it was meant as a safe haven for both of his sons. It’s … Read more

11 unusual museums in the world where ‘strange’ is an understatement

[ad_1] While the world is full of celebrated and innovative art institutions, from New York’s Guggenheim to Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, there are plenty of smaller, unusual museums that you most likely have never heard of, filled with their own unusual artefacts. While Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are more famous, the highlight of a … Read more

Forest City: Inside a $100 billion town in Malaysia that’s akin to a forsaken post-apocalyptic world

[ad_1] With a beautiful location overlooking the sea, the Forest City real estate development is located at the southern tip of Malaysia, not far from the city-state of Singapore. This new city was designed to be home to around 700,000 people and consists of a series of skyscraper towers rising to heights of nearly 35 … Read more

Vastu for money: 5 common mistakes that are secretly blocking your wealth

[ad_1] According to Vastu, the entrance to your home or office serves as the gateway for energy to enter. If your entrance is obstructed or cluttered, it can symbolically block opportunities and financial blessings from reaching you. Similarly, a door that squeaks or sticks may signify resistance to new opportunities. Tip: Ensure that your entrance … Read more

Why Mumbai’s 300-year-old Bhikha Behram Well is more than just a sacred site for Zoroastrians

[ad_1] Come March and among a dawdling dance of palms and a spurt of bougainvillea, the footfalls of devotees at the well are at an annual high. According to the Zoroastrian calendar, it is the month of ‘Avan’—a period when water is worshipped. The air is tinged with the scent of roses and lilies, string … Read more

Established in the 1950s, South Mumbai’s iconic Gaylord restaurant gets a sparkling makeover

[ad_1] There is nothing more satisfying than a good makeover, a transformation so dramatic it exceeds all expectations. That’s the feeling you get when you enter the all the new Gaylord at Churchgate in Mumbai. Originally built in the 1950s, the iconic restaurant was in need of a complete rehaul, according to Dhruv Lamba, third … Read more

Home in Bengaluru: A young couple envisioned a Japandi-style paradise for their 3BHK city apartment

[ad_1] Phosart Studio The kitchen has a clean, inviting design with a lovely white and light wooden palette. White oak veneer ties everything together, while subtle touches like arched entryways and shutters add a touch of elegance. Small details like grooved upper cabinets, fluted glass, and a calming backsplash further enhance the overall aesthetic. The … Read more