house of concrete walls: TRAANSPACE creates minimalist retreat


a calming garden home in the city


Architecture studio TRAANSPACE faced a unique challenge with this House of Concrete Walls — to create a home that evoked the atmosphere of a weekend retreat within the confines of a dense urban community in Vadodara, India. The design moves beyond the traditional house format, prioritizing a connection between the interior and the surrounding nature.


Two exposed concrete walls, positioned at right angles to each other, serve as the house’s central design element. Their strong presence defines the spatial layout and softens with their rippling, textural surfaces. The upper level of the house recedes, creating a linear structure that opens generously onto the front garden. Large windows and skylights punctuate the facade, inviting natural light and warmth into the living spaces.

TRAANSPACE house concrete walls
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traanspace curates a house of concrete walls


TRAANSPACE‘s House of Concrete Walls features a deep setback on its north side, which defines the main garden and parking area. Upon entering, a dramatic flight of stairs flanked by concrete walls leads to the foyer bathed in natural light. The formal living room opens onto a small garden deck, while the family living room on the other side connects to the main garden and a spacious deck. Floor-to-ceiling glass enclosures frame the garden views, and a circular cutout in the ceiling allows a Champa tree to become part of the interior. Tucked away in a quiet corner are guest and parents’ bedrooms with private outdoor spaces.

TRAANSPACE house concrete walls
TRAANSPACE challenges the urban home concept with House of Concrete Walls in Vadodara, India



tranquil interiors lit from above


A central passage leads to the heart of TRAANSPACE’s House of Concrete Walls: a double-height courtyard illuminated by a large skylight and a glazed wall. A custom-designed cast concrete coffee bar counter takes center stage, offering unobstructed views of the living room and the garden beyond. Punctures in the concrete wall create visual links between the courtyard, dining area, living room, deck, and garden into a unified space.


Light plays a crucial role in the overall experience. Skylights, glass enclosures, and the double-height courtyard create an ever-changing interplay of light and shadow throughout the day, transforming the interiors and revealing the texture of the concrete walls. The interior design is intentionally minimal, allowing the architecture to take center stage. Concrete echoes in furniture pieces like the coffee bar counter, center table, and built-in beds, while wood accents provide warmth.

TRAANSPACE house concrete walls
the multigenerational home prioritizes a connection with nature despite its dense urban location TRAANSPACE house concrete walls
two exposed concrete walls anchor the space and create a rhythmic interplay of light and shadow house of concrete walls: TRAANSPACE creates a minimalist sanctuary in india
a dramatic staircase flanked by concrete walls leads to a light-filled foyer


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