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bathroom is a room in the home used for personal hygiene activities and generally contains a toilet, a sink (basin) and either a bathtub, a shower or both. Nowadays, many people spend a lot of time in Bathrooms either in reflection or reading or just chilling, as it is the most private space in a home.So it should be designed to accommodate all that one may need. Good bathrooms have a good colour scheme, are easy to get around and use and are designed well. 

As an Architectpractising in India, while designing a house I have to keep in mind every room’s furniture or fittings arrangement to decide the size of the room. So when it comes to a bathroom, I have to consider certain key aspects like the type of bathroom, the number and type of bathroom fixtures, the style desired by the client, the colours to be used and the use of natural (or artificial) light. 

Listed here under the following headings, are some of the guidelines for the design and planning of a Bathroom:


In designing a Bathroom, you have to keep in mind some planning considerations, then consider the type of bathroom (powder room, 3-fixture bathroom or family bathroom). All of this has been explained in the links given below.


In designing a bathroom, you need to plan for the fixtures and accessories that you desire. There are typically 4 basic fixtures in a Bathroom in addition to other bathroom fittings. They should be installed at certain standard heights and positions, which you may not be aware of. You can read more about them and the well-known bathroom fittings in India here:


According to me, a well-designed bathroom should look spacious, clean and the fixtures and fittings should be accessible without any discomfort. As an Architect, practising in Bangalore I have given some tips and ideas for Bathrooms to make them comfortable and not cramped by using every inch wisely:


The correct placement of fittings determines whether a bathroom looks spacious and aesthetic or cluttered and unattractive.


The ancient Indian science, Vastu Shastra  lays down guidelines on the ideal location and design of Bathrooms. In case you want to refer to the Vastu Shastra guidelines for the design of Bathrooms, you can read about it here.

For a concise Vastu guide and evaluation of your Bathroom, please refer to the post on my blog: House Construction in India

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