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Impact of the moon and planets on our mind

Planets do have an impact on us, just as they have an impact on water – since seventy percent of our body is the element of water.  So, the mind, water, and planets are all intimately connected. Hence, the microcosm and macrocosm are connected. 

The moon affects the mind, and that is why people, who have gone crazy, are called lunatic! During full moon and new moon, people who are crazy become crazier. Those who think they are not crazy become a little more crazy! So, planets definitely impact the mind, intellect and body.

However, not all effects of planets are bad. Both good and bad influences exist. If you meditate, do pranayama, sing, and follow such other practices, you enhance the good effects of the planets. 

It is said that two to three hours before, and during an eclipse, you should not eat. The time during an eclipse is considered to be a good and auspicious time to meditate and say prayers, as it is a hundred times more effective then! This is because one meditation during an eclipse is considered to be as powerful as a hundred days of meditation! 

It is a good time because everything is in alignment – the sun, moon and earth. They are in one line, and are hence aligned. This is a good time for the body, mind and spirit to align as well. 

Why your mind is miserable

When a negative cloud cloud grabs your mind, it churns into a question. This makes you self-righteous and leads you to become miserable. People who are miserable, have a big question in their mind – a question they don’t want an answer for. But, they can’t let the question go either. This unanswered question ferments inside you and becomes violence. 

How to deal with miserable people

When people come to you with a question, sometimes, they simply want you to listen to them. They want to know if someone understands them. Now, there is a difference between understanding someone’s issue and sympathizing with them. If you sympathize with people who are in a negative mode, you are making their illusion concrete. People with different types of illusions live in their own little (make-believe) world. So, it is not advisable to give credence to such illusions.

Why people are hurtful

If someone is behaving badly, it is because they are victims themselves, and are hurt. They need a healing touch. Nobody is bad without a reason. This is true even of extremists; they are people with scars and wounds. There is a negative cloud in their mind that is making them behave that way. 

You can condemn them or show them compassion. If you communicate with those whom you condemn, you can influence and change them. Condemning is easy; showing compassion is a challenge. The brave, wise and intelligent ones will take up this challenge. 

Disagreements connect you with people

When you agree with people, the matter disappears. However, when you disagree with someone, it strangely connects you to them because you cannot forget them! So you forget those with whom you agree; but connect with those with whom you have disagreed! This is because while agreement does not stay in the mind, disagreement does. You connect with people through disagreements!

Four kinds of attitude that can save your mind

What you should feel for people in different states:

1)   Friendliness – If you have a friendly feeling for those who are happy, you will overcome jealousy.

2)   Compassion – You should feel only compassion (and not friendliness) for those who are sick, poor and suffering.

3)   Happiness – Be happy for those who are doing good, productive, creative, and meritorious work.

4)   Indifference – Show indifference towards those who are doing sinful, bad and horrible things – not hatred.

If you cultivate these attitudes in your life, you can save your mind.

These are transcripts from talks by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. You can watch more talks on The Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar youtube channel. Subscribe today!


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