Top Five Schools With Unique Architecture Ever Built


Numerous elements contribute to the “look and feel” of a renowned university, including the sensation of place conveyed by architectural design and campus landscape. Even if you have never taken an art or architecture class, attending one of these renowned architectural schools may offer a particular intangible worth to your experience as a student. Here are five campuses that will leave you amazed.

Top Five Schools Eith Unique Architecture Ever Built

Top Five Schools Eith Unique Architecture Ever Built

Innovative Pilot High School In Poitiers, France

The Innovative Pilot High School resides in this magnificent, futuristic-looking structure near Poitiers in west-central France. The Futuroscope complex includes the eye-catching triangular building that was completed in 1987. The Futuroscope is the only complex in Europe whose purpose is to create a synergy between pleasure, employment, training, education, and technology. The facility accommodates both a high school and a university, allowing for a seamless transition between secondary and higher education. The innovative Pilot High School emphasizes an emphasis on technology and communication.

Ánimo Leadership Charter High School In Los Angeles, California

This unusual school in Inglewood, Los Angeles County, California, was created by the prestigious architectural company Brooks & Scarpa. The Ánimo Leadership Charter High School is one of the schools managed by Green Dot, a local group whose schools have higher graduation rates than the LA Unified School District. In terms of design, the building’s elongated cuboid shape is not only aesthetically beautiful but also floods the interior area with natural light and ventilation. Six hundred fifty solar panels provide three-quarters of the school’s energy demands and contribute to the incorporation of energy efficiency into the architecture of the building.

Illinois Institute of Technology In Chicago, Illinois

It is challenging to exclude IIT in Chicago, Illinois, given that Mies van der Rohe was the school’s founder and previous head of the architectural program. The renowned architect designed the majority of the campus for twenty years. Crown Hall, a monument to steel and glass, is among the 20 Mies-designed buildings on the campus, representing the highest concentration of Mies-designed structures. Crown Hall, constructed in 1955, lacks interior columns in favor of an open floor plan generated by four steel girders and eight exterior columns supporting a suspended roof. The building is also a National Historic Landmark.

Florida Southern College In Lakeland, Florida

Due to the most extensive single-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright structures, this little Methodist institution is a must-visit for architectural enthusiasts. The tour of ten buildings begins with the Sharp Family Tourism and Education Center, a visitors center situated in a Wright-designed Usonian original, and continues from there. Even after Wright died in 1959, his protégé Nils Schweizer continued to construct college structures. Do not miss the Thad Buckner Building and the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, which are often regarded as the most prominent structures Wright designed for the university.

Florida Southern College In Lakeland Florida

Florida Southern College In Lakeland, Florida

Nigel Peck Centre (Melbourne Grammar School) In Melbourne, Australia

Australian boarding and day school Melbourne Grammar houses the Nigel Peck Centre for Learning and Leadership. It was created by John Wardle Architects and consisted of a series of pavilions linked together. Students and people of the community alike can see each other via the building’s mainly glass exterior. This trait was designed to foster “outward-focused learning.” A broad view of the city and its history might inspire pupils to connect their classroom work and the real world. “Melbourne Grammar is designed to help students become self-reliant, capable young adults,” according to the school’s website. In conclusion, educational institutions like the ones cited above designed their schools to be architectural wonders and to motivate and inspire their students within and beyond the classrooms.


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