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Ancient cultures around the world have long depicted dragons in art, literature, and folklore. This has sparked an enduring fascination – did dragons actually exist? Did they once roam and fly through our skies?

Paleontologists theorize that dragon myths may have originated from distant memories of real prehistoric creatures. Dinosaur fossils discovered centuries and millennia ago could have inspired dragon legends. Dramatic descriptions of fierce battles between knights and dragons may have roots in ancient humans defending themselves from predators. Bones unearthed from giant species like dinosaurs could spark imaginative explanations.

Some scholars argue that the dragon symbolically represents our primal fears and struggles with dangerous forces within nature. Dragons embody the symbolic nature of the cosmic battle between order and chaos. Slaying the dragon served as a metaphor for harnessing our own inner monsters.

An Important Distinction When Speaking of Dragons

According to my intuitive understanding, dragons did once exist as physical creatures that walked the Earth and other planets in ancient times. They were part of our tangible reality and environment. However, over the course of their spiritual development, the dragons evolved beyond the need for dense physical bodies.

As a quick side note here though, not all of the dragons ascended to the realms of higher consciousness. Some did descend into lower vibrational realms of existence (yes there are some planets with even denser vibrations than Earth).

In exploring dragon realms, it is vital to distinguish between ascended dragons of high frequency and descended dragons of low frequency. These categorizations reflect very different states of being and consciousness.

Ascended Dragons of High Frequency

Ascended dragons are enlightened cosmic beings who have evolved beyond physical form. They emanate intense love, wisdom and healing blessings to help humanity and the planet. Ascended dragons hold a high vibration and exist in mystical realms of light.

These benevolent dragons seek to guide spiritual seekers, lightworkers, and all souls who desire ascension. Their ancient knowledge supports humanity’s awakening. Ascended dragons awaken latent psychic gifts, activate DNA, and expand cosmic consciousness.

Connecting with ascended dragons brings a sense of peace, joy, and oneness with the Divine. Their energy clears negative emotions, distortions, and blocks to clear the path for higher states of awareness.

Descended Dragons of Low Frequency

In contrast, descended dragons represent the opposite end of the spectrum. They are dragons who chose to align with fear, greed, and destruction. Descended dragons amplify animalistic impulses, aggression, domination, and lower human desires.

Rather than nurturing enlightenment, these dragons aim to increase ignorance, limitation, and suffering. Their malicious energy promotes anxiety, violence, scarcity mentality, and detachment from the Divine. Myths of heroic battles against destructive dragons reflect our inner work to overcome harmful impulses amplified by descended dragons.

Archangel Michael Slaying the Dragon

Archangel Michael Slaying the Dragon

In the spiritual philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the symbolic image of Archangel Michael slaying a dragon represents the battle between good and evil. Specifically, it signifies humanity’s struggle to overcome lower primal drives and develop higher spiritual capabilities.

According to Steiner, the dragon represents the dangerous, animalistic impulses that originate in the astral body, the part of the human constitution connected with emotions, desires, and instincts. These impulses threaten to inhibit the growth of human intelligence and self-awareness.

Michael the Archangel stands for the cosmic force of courage, strength, and enlightenment. By slaying the dragon, Michael empowers humanity to transcend egoistic desires and express the highest, most Divine aspects of human nature. This symbolic act brings astral body impulses into proper balance with reason and compassion.

The Flying Dragon: Samuel Sagan on Dragons as Beings of Cosmic Consciousness

Spiritual Dragons Cosmic Consciousness

In the spiritual writings of Samuel Sagan, founder of Clairvision School, Flying Dragons take on a profound esoteric symbolism. Sagan depicts Flying Dragons as mythical embodiments of enlightened cosmic consciousness with the power to awaken expanded awareness in humans.

According to Sagan’s Atlantean Secrets books, dragons originate from a primordial time when gods walked the Earth and humanity was deeply connected to the cosmos. Dragons represent the guardianship of sacred, universal knowledge from ancient lost civilizations like Atlantis.

With their cosmic wisdom and high vibration, dragons serve as guides to transcendence. Sagan describes dragons as adepts at traversing psychic realms and the veil between the mundane and spiritual worlds. Those who encounter dragons may gain access to cosmic energy, ancestral memories, past life recall, and surges of mystical insight.

Sagan portrays dragons as masters of what he calls the “gift of vision” – the ability to see through illusions and access higher truths. Their guidance helps dissolve barriers between the subconscious and conscious mind. Merging with a dragon’s consciousness can awaken latent human abilities like telepathy, astral travel, energetic healing, and enhanced intuition.

As protectors of alchemical secrets, dragons reveal themselves only to those spiritually prepared to wield such knowledge for good. According to Sagan, with purified intent and an open third eye, one can commune with the mystical dragon as a mirror into divine cosmic intelligence. For those seekers ready, dragons stand ready to be guides on the path to enlightenment.

Through his rich, visionary depictions of dragons, Sagan opens the imagination to their gifts as catalysts and partners in exploring realms of infinite consciousness and discovery.

Types of Spiritual Dragons

Spiritual Dragons In Chinese Astrology, Dragons are considered to be powerfully auspicious, because they can travel by land, air, water, breathe fire, and harmonize ether.

By The Five Elements

Spiritual dragons are often categorized by their alignment with the five elements: fire, earth, water, air and ether or akash. Each embodies specific traits that connect to their element.

  • Fire Dragon: A symbol of transformation and mastery, the fire dragon brings you the essence of courage and enthusiasm. It can light the flame of passion and creativity within you.
  • Earth Dragon: Representing power and richness, the earth dragon provides stability and support. It encourages growth, prosperity, and physical well-being. Also sometimes referenced as “wood”. The wood dragon represents new beginnings and springtime energy. As a bridge between heaven and earth, it helps you ground spiritual insights into practical action. The wood dragon brings optimism and helps you tap into creativity and growth.
  • Water Dragon: Known for its healing and purifying power, the water dragon offers deep wisdom and emotional balance. You’ll find that it can guide you through intuition and reflection, and in healing and accessing the watery subconscious realms.
  • Air Dragon: The air dragon stands for mental clarity and inspiration. It teaches detachment, allowing you to gain a higher perspective and embrace freedom.
  • Etheric Dragon: The etheric dragon embodies the fifth element of ether, or akash. It represents the realm beyond the physical world and our connection to Divine Sonsciousness. The etheric dragon brings higher wisdom from spiritual realms and facilitates communication with spirit guides, angels, and enlightened beings. It supports the awakening of psychic abilities, inspires universal understanding, and guides spiritual evolution. Meditating with the etheric dragon can help elevate your vibration and align you with your soul purpose. It teaches transcendence of ego and realization of your true divine essence. The etheric dragon is a powerful guide to support spiritual awakening and ascension.


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