Samsung and Google are working together on new AI features


Back in January, Samsung announced the Google-developed Circle to Search AI feature for its Galaxy S24 series before Google unveiled the it for its Pixels, signifying a strong partnership between the two companies in the AI space.

In case you’ve been wondering whether there’s more AI stuff to come from these two companies in the future, the answer is a resounding yes. Google and Samsung are working together on developing new AI features for their respective smartphones running Android, as can be seen from posts on X shared by both the official Samsung Mobile account, as well as Rick Osterloh, Google’s Senior Vice President for Platforms and Devices, who met up with TM Roh, President of Samsung Electronics.

Osterloh says the partnership between Samsung and Google “has never been stronger”, and he’s “thrilled” about their collaboration on AI and “many opportunities ahead for both companies”.

Samsung said the two companies are working “towards a shared vision of delivering the best Android ecosystem of products and services” and teased “exciting things” coming up for “the future of AI-powered Android and Galaxy experiences”.

So clearly, we should see a lot more AI features in the future on Samsung and Google devices, features developed in partnership by the two giants. While it’s unclear what these will be, we’re excited to find out. And when we do, we’ll let you know of course.


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