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There are a lot of ways to work remotely. And that includes online part time jobs from home. Part time remote jobs offer additional flexibility for remote workers and make jobs more accessible for everybody.

However, since most remote jobs are full time, it can be difficult to begin a part time job search. Here are some tips and tricks to navigate this unique job search.

What counts as part-time? 

This is not an easy question to answer. That’s because the definition of part-time changes from one company to another.

For example, some remote companies define part time as less than 29 hours a week: 

An example of hours required for this online part time jobs from home.

Others, consider part time to be under 15 hours per week: 

Another example of a company with online part time jobs from home and how many hours it offers per week.

Even the United States Department of Labor does not have an official definition. However, most companies in the US consider part time to be under 35 hours weekly while full time is between 35-40 hours weekly.

For insurance purposes (for remote employee positions only) the Affordable Care Act defines part time as anyone who works less than an average of 30 hours per week. Anything over 30 hours averaged weekly, and your employer must offer health insurance to you.  

In other words, online part time jobs from home vary widely – ranging from just a few hours to 30+ hours! 

Why work from home part time? 

Generally, part time jobs offer greater flexibility than full time jobs. Retirees, parents, students, and caregivers often find part time work appealing. It allows individuals to build an income around a competing priority like school or childcare. 

Additional reasons to consider part time work include: 

  • Earn extra income 
  • Fill a skills gap
  • Increase work-life balance
  • Gain experience 

There are both pros and cons to online part time jobs from home. Some of the drawbacks include:

  • Minimal benefits
  • Lower income
  • Less professional development
  • Reduced earnings

Always weigh both the pros and cons before starting a job search.

Who typically works part time? 

As of 2023, nearly 28 million Americans worked part-time. This amounts to 17% of the entire US workforce! Of those who work part time, 63% are women. 

Although part time remote jobs offer flexibility, they might not be a good solution for everyone. Remember, part time jobs have limited working hours and often lack benefits like health insurance and paid time off. 

So, if you need health insurance, part time work doesn’t make sense. However, if you want a remote-friendly way to supplement income, then part time work can do that. 

Example Part Time Online Job Scenario

Let’s say you’re a full time student. Your classes start first thing in the morning and end around 4:00 in the afternoon. You don’t have transportation but want to earn money to help pay for expenses like books, food, and entertainment. In this case, a part time remote job in the evening makes a lot of sense. You get to maintain your full time status as a student while earning supplemental income in the evening. 

Only you can take an honest assessment of the time you have available to determine if working part time actually fits into your schedule. 

Typically, part time remote workers include these groups: 

  • Students
  • Caregivers
  • Retirees
  • Stay-at-home parents 
  • Individuals with chronic conditions

I asked Loritza, an online English tutor, why she works from home part time:

“After my partner and I had kids, we quickly learned how expensive daycare is! Nearly my entire paycheck would go to daycare costs. So, we decided I would quit my office job to be a stay-at-home parent. But, as the kids got older, I had more free time and wanted to contribute financially to our family. I got a part-time online job in the evenings as an English tutor. It doesn’t pay a lot but it helps cover food costs and gives me a sense of purpose in work.” 

Where can I find online part time jobs from home? 

The majority of part time wfh jobs are in career categories like: 

  • Education
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Social Media 
  • Writing
  • Project Management
  • Administrative Support
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Finance/Accounting

This includes popular remote job titles including: 

  • Bookkeeper
  • Virtual Assistant 
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Manager 
  • Digital Marketer 

Of course, these are just some of the most common part time industries and related job titles. In reality, there are hundreds of part-time remote jobs across all sectors.

Remote Job Search Sites 

The best places to find real remote jobs include: 

Additionally, there are smaller remote job boards to consider like: 

  • WeWorkRemotely
  • Jobspresso
  • Remotive 

It’s purely personal preference which job boards or job search sites you use. It can also come down to budget. FlexJobs is a subscription service, and will cost you just $49.95 for an entire year of access to its exclusive job leads. I like FlexJobs because it guarantees all job leads on its site are 100% the real deal, so you never have to worry about scams. 

How to Land Part Time Online Jobs From Home? 

Step 1: Which job title are you interested in?

First, determine which job titles you’ll want to apply for. Your work history and skills will point you in the right direction. If you’re stuck, try using the O*NET Interest Profiler for career ideas.

A career coach can also assist you with identifying your ideal career and related remote-friendly job titles.  

Step 2: Create a target company list. 

Next, jot down a list of companies you could see yourself working for. Ideally, these companies will regularly hire workers in your preferred job title list. Additionally, these companies should also have part time online jobs from home. This requires a good bit of research on your part. Some examples to get you started include, BELAY, TELUS International, Kelly, and other remote staffing agencies.

Step 3: Build your network. Strategically.

Now that you have a target company list and job title, it’s time to build your network. Head over to LinkedIn and follow the companies on your target company list. Then reach out to current employees who work there. The goal isn’t to ask for a job – it’s to learn more about the company and what it’s like to work there.

If a job opening eventually comes up, you already have a warm connection you can reach out to and ask for a referral. Remember, the majority of jobs are filled via networking not online applications.

Step 4: Spruce up your resume. 

Before you apply for a single remote role, create a broad based resume. This will be the template you use throughout your job search. A good base resume includes your work history, a summary, work history, skills, and related experience. Teal HQ has a free resume creator that uses AI to make building your resume easier.

Step 5: Scout out jobs. 

Now’s the time to start applying for roles. Regularly check the Careers or Hiring pages of companies on your target list and create job alerts on LinkedIn. These are great ways to streamline your job search efforts so you can spend more time optimizing your resume.

Step 6: Apply to roles that interest you. 

Remember, only apply to roles that fit your career ideals. It’s tempting to start applying for every single online part time job from home you come across – but don’t. Job searches are more effective when you create a plan and stick with it. It’s helpful to give yourself a SMART Job Search Goal to stay on the right track.

Step 7: Rinse & Repeat

Finally, keep doing what you’re doing. It takes between 4-6 months to find a remote job. The more effort you put into your job search, the more you’ll get out of it. Plan to spend 2-3 hours a day, M-F, on job search activities for optimal results.

Resources for Online Part Time Jobs From Home 

Need extra help? 

Gain free access to our Remote Resources Room filled with tons of helpful guides, checklists, and templates for remote job seekers like you. 


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