My Favorite Storage Boxes for Decluttering and Organizing Your Home


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Decluttering is something we all need to do periodically and probably put off too long, which is why there is a whole industry built around decluttering tips and methodologies. While most of the techniques are unique, many of them have something in common: At some point in your decluttering process, you’re going to need some storage boxes.

The best storage boxes for sorting

A number of decluttering approaches call for you to sort and categorize your items, usually into at least three categories: Keep, throw away, and donate (with a possible fourth category of items to sell, if you want). You can use boxes for categorizing and sorting when you’re employing approaches like 12-12-12 method, the Peter Walsh method, or the “packing party” trick, for instance.

The 12-12-12 method calls on you to throw away 12 items, donate 12, and keep 12—every day. Obviously, you won’t bring 12 items to the donation center every day, but you can set them aside and take them all in one go later on. The Peter Walsh method, on the other hand, requires you to clear out an entire room, figure out what you really want from the room, and then only put back items that fit with that vision. The rest get—you guessed it—tossed or donated. While you could use cardboard boxes for these, it might be better to get something sturdier, especially if you plan on repeating your process room by room and reusing the boxes in the process.

First, consider this four-pack of bins from HOMZ if you have larger items or a high volume of stuff to clear out. They have lids, so they’re stackable and easy to move without spilling, plus heavy-duty handles that will help you cart them from room to room. They’re big enough to hold a considerable amount, too, so your trips to the dump or the donation center won’t be so frequent.

These smaller, stackable baskets are also a good option, especially if you’re going through smaller areas or items. They have a smaller footprint, so you won’t feel as stifled while you’re in the thick of decluttering, and they allow you to sort through smaller things, like the stuff you’d find in your junk drawer, without compromising on movability as you go room to room.

The best storage bins for organizing and decorating

The second category of storage bins is the kind you use after you’ve categorized your possessions and made the tough decisions about what to keep and what to toss. Big, transparent, plastic behemoths like the bins above aren’t exactly stylish, nor are they practical in small spaces, but some organizing methods, like Core 4, are pretty explicit that you need bins in your home to keep your stuff in order and prevent everything from getting cluttered again. Simply put, you need function and style. Try these.

There are a few nice things about these StorageWorks boxes: First, they’re white and unassuming, so they’ll look nice in practically any home, but still have convenient handles and lids. Second, the brand offers a variety of sizes, so you can get the same patterns and boxes no matter what you’re looking to store. Even if the contents of the boxes are a little messy, the outer appearance of cohesion will go a long way toward giving a decluttered impression over all.

These are what I’ve used for years. Simple storage cubes fit nicely on shelves, preventing whatever you’re storing on those shelves from looking messy or unappealing. They’re great for small spaces where you might have no choice but to put your stuff on open shelving. Best of all, they’re collapsible, so if you’re not using them, you can just flatten them and stash them away.

Amazon is full of decorative storage bin options, and while it might seem a little clinical or uncreative to have a home full of boxes, the organizational opportunities they provide are worth compromising a little on your self-expression, so take a look for some boxes that match your unique style. If that really is too much to bear, though, Amazon is also full of multi-function storage furniture like ottomans, mirrors, and picture frames with hidden compartments inside.


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