How To Stop Worrying In 4 Steps


We all know it. We all have it. Thinking. brooding. Worrying. Here is the best advice to worry less and be happier.

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How To Stop Worrying In 4 Steps

Looking At The Big Picture

The moment we pay attention to the rumination loops in our head, our radius usually becomes very small. Everything revolves around us, our lives and maybe people close to us. Our mind manages very well that we simply ignore the rest of the world. But there is this rest of the world – and our dreams, wishes, goals! It’s worth broadening your view again and realizing that there is so much more to it than worrying about a What’s App message that hasn’t been answered or Aunts opinion. Remember your dream. Remember why you go out for your desires. Remember your vision. Vishen Lakhiani once said “Dream big and your problems become small.” and put it perfectly in a nutshell.

Stop And Refocus

Why do we actually think so much? Because we all have the desire to control life in all its unpredictability as much as possible. That thinking is the key to happiness or goal is an illusion that our minds hold on to very persistently. So, day in and day out, we carry around in our minds the things we want to have under control – our partner, our job, our children, our parents-in-law, the shopping list, vacation planning, … and mentally we are not in ours at all center and the here and now. Let’s be honest: We can’t control the weather, the people around us or the job offer etc. (as much as we might sometimes wish we could), but we can control our focus. Observe yourself when you feel uncomfortable and your thoughts are circling. Are you worried about something in the future or are you still dwelling on something from the past? We have the fewest problems right now in front of our noses, which is why you can simply postpone your worries until later and focus on the present.

Get In Motion

Sometimes worry feels paradoxical – thousands of thoughts seem to rush through our heads at the same time and yet we feel stuck and blocked from being overwhelmed. In order to then bring a beneficial movement into the head chaos, it helps incredibly to move your own body as well – this way you not only get out of your head, but the confusion is sorted out at the same time, completely unnoticed. So get on your bike, go to the swimming pool, take the dog to the field or simply go to the gym for a workout – whatever feels good for you and gets your cells moving, do it!

Go Outside

Another distraction from worries and fears can be to simply leave your own four walls behind and go outside. Gladly first in front of the door and much better in the countryside far away from everyday bustle and stress. Changing the spatial environment gives us new impulses and a new perspective on our lives. I bet we see worry in a very different light depending on whether we’re curling up under the covers or walking in the park with a friend. At least that’s how it is for me.


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