Here’s a Floral Manicure for Summer That’s Actually Groundbreaking


Beyoncé’s cowgirl era has sparked a global obsession for all things country western—and that includes nail art. The singer favors the “Texan French,” while Los Angeles-based nail artist Bara Jarjour is feeling a studded cow-print design. Jarjour creates the look using regular polish —milky white for the base and mid-tone brown (OPI nail polish in Chocolate Mousse, to be specific) for the spots. Gel polish in similar shades works just as well if that’s your preference.

Now for the cow print: Once you’ve painted a layer of white and let that dry, “smoosh the brush [dipped in brown polish] around a bit until the larger spots look a little disheveled,” Jarjour explains. Then, taking whatever is left on the bristles (you may even need to remove some), dab the skinny side of the brush gently onto the nail to create random, tiny specks of brown. Apply your top coat and, if you’d like, add a couple of flat-back studs—hoops, boots, and spurs not required.


OPI Nail Lacquer in Chocolate Moose


Zoya Nail Polish in Louise

Color Club

Color Club Nail Lacquer in Whispering White


Briskbloom Transparent Gray Flatback Rhinestone

Palm Royale Nails

Anthony Miller

Apple TV’s Palm Royale has New York City-based nail artist, Lolly Koon, feeling inspired by vivid, ‘60s-inspired prints for the summer months. “The show has so many awesome, Lilly Pulitzer-like patterns that are tone-on-tone—oranges, yellow, white altogether,” she says. To translate this into the nail design above, Koon used gel polishes in “bright, tropical colors,” although she confirms traditional polish also works. “For this look, I started with a peachy-orange base, and then some quick swipes of bright yellow over that, creating these swishes. Then, I used a dotting tool to paint the little leafy areas on both sides in green and pink.” Everything should feel random and spontaneous—the same energy as Kristen Wiig trying to scheme her way into Miami’s most exclusive members’ club in the show.


Hermès Nail Polish in Orange Boîte

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish in My Ca-Banana

Sally Hansen

OPI Nail Lacquer in Racing for Pinks

Nails Inc.

Nails Inc. Neon Nail Polish in Knightrider’s Street

Floral French Tips

Bana Jarjour


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