Everyone Will Be Wearing This Aquatic Nail Color for Summer


Wherever summer’s plot takes you, there is a manicure to match. Imagine the sun glistening on your metallic nails as you grasp a refreshing drink on a rooftop. Or perhaps you are enjoying some R&R in Turks and Caicos, and as you take a dip in the ocean, your glossy aqua-blue nails camouflage into the waves. Dreamy, no? “We’re shaping up for a vibrant season of nail trends,” says New York City-based nail artist Julie Kandalec.

With summer 2024 nail color trends taking inspiration from the liveliest scenes of the season, brands—including JinSoon, Olive & June, and Essie—are launching new collections to match. Vibrant shades like jelly pink, tangerine, and ocean blue “capture the essence, energy, and romantic allure of the warmer months,” says Kandalec.

And electric shades aren’t the only option. A pastel butter yellow is a shockingly wearable swap for your usual paired-back neutrals—plus, the shade pairs beautifully with a classic summer white pedicure. On that note: Experts predict fresh whites will be just as popular on your fingertips as the color has always been on your toes. Ahead, discover a rainbow of nail polishes to have on rotation all summer long.

Meet the experts:

Butter Yellow

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