Dock-less Google Pixel Tablet’s pricing leaks


Yesterday a rumor did the rounds claiming Google is getting ready to launch a version of the Pixel Tablet that would come without the Charging Speaker Dock in the box. Today a new rumor ‘confirms’ the previous one (as much as any rumor can ‘confirm’ anything), and helpfully adds pricing information for the new dock-less tablet.

Thankfully, it will cost less than the tablet + dock bundle that’s currently on sale. In the Eurozone, unnamed retailer listings are alleged to charge €446 with 128GB of storage and €553 with 256GB for just the tablet.

Dock-less Google Pixel Tablet's pricing leaks

For comparison’s sake, note that the price for the current bundle including the dock is €679 and €779, respectively for those two storage versions. The leaked pricing does however seem weird and may not include VAT, which varies widely across EU countries.

If we were to add the German VAT amount of 19%, the resulting price would be €529 for the 128GB model and €659 for the 256GB one. That’s still a hefty discount for those who have no need for the dock, so the official release can’t come soon enough.

The same unnamed retailers have also reportedly listed the rumored Bluetooth keyboard accessory. It’s priced in that inventory system at €89, which may or may not end up being the final selling price. If it’s devoid of VAT too, then adding that in for Germany once again would yield a final price of €105. The also-rumored stylus isn’t listed, but yesterday’s leak claimed it would have the same price as the keyboard.



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