Conscious and Ethical Gifts- Give Gifts that Give Back this Christmas!


The Holiday Season is all about giving! Giving thanks, sending love, and giving gifts!

Why not give gifts that give back this year?

Really, it’s a simple and yet powerful shift. Consciously spend the money you’re going to spend on gifts on items that are not only awesome, but are also hand-made, fair trade, and that have a greater impact too.

My sister inspired me about this recently when she sent me a link to Mayan Hands and asked what I wanted for Christmas from their site.

I loved the idea!

Not only do they have beautiful handmade products, but it’s for a wonderful cause too!

I’ve not always prioritized giving gifts through the lens of having an impact… And I’ve certainly done my fair share of last minute shopping on Amazon. But I’m inspired to give much more consciously now, and now that I’ve been diving into and researching options…

I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you!

Giving Ethical and Sustainable Gifts

Not only can you support a charity or cause you care about with your purchases, but conscious and ethical gift giving can be a great way to share the story about non-profits, sustainable products and fair trade co-ops with your friends and family too.

Many of these non-profits and co-ops have been greatly impacted by the pandemic situation as well.

Now is the perfect time to step up and offer support, even in a small way, like purchasing a conscious gift that gives back.

Since my inspiration for curating a conscious gifts guide started around Mayan Hands, let us start there now too!

Conscious and Ethical Gifts – Give Gifts that Give Back this Christmas!

Mayan Hands is a small nonprofit that focuses on supporting Mayan women and girls with economic and educational opportunities so that they can build sustainable futures for themselves, their families, and communities.

They have partnered with more than 200 women artisans in the Guatemalan Highlands to source fair trade and handmade products that are sold online and in a number of retail locations to support community programs, education, scholarship programs and more.

Mayan Hands sells pine needle woven baskets, scarves, gorgeous bags, felted wool animals, colorful table linens, friendship bracelets, adorable ornaments and more.

I absolutely love their products, everything they sell is really reasonably priced too! I put one of their beautiful cosmetic bags on my wish list. 


Adopt-A-Native-Elder is a wonderful organization that supports Diné (Navajo) Elders by providing food, firewood, and other services.

This wonderful non profit is a great way to support Navajo elders in a small way. 

As one Diné Elder shared: “Because you bring me food, you wish my life to continue for another day.”

Another important way we can help is by supporting Elder Navajo weavers and artisans by purchasing their work.

Adopt-A-Native-Elder has a great little shop with Navajo Rugs, authentic Navajo Jewelry and handmade crafts. 

Orenda Tribe is an Indigenous owned lifestyle brand creating and sharing unique upcycled textiles, sustainably reimagined fashion, as well as art, crafts and jewelry made by Diné (Navajo) artists.

The Navajo Nation has been greatly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and many purchases from Orenda Tribe collections contribute 100% of profits to go to critical aid on Dinétah, supporting the Navajo people. 

Doing some of your holiday shopping here is a small and yet real way to flow money towards the Navajo people. Plus, Orenda Tribe really has a wonderful selection of beautiful and unique gifts, jewelry, clothing and more!

Keshi (kay-SHE) is the traditional greeting of Zuni Pueblo people who live in western New Mexico. The Keshi Connection is a co-op for Zuni and Pueblo people to be able to sell their arts and crafts for a fair and honest price. 

Like many Native American tribes, the Zuni have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Doing some of your holiday shopping here is a small and yet real way to flow money towards the Zuni Pueblo people to help. 

Plus, the arts and crafts coming out of the Zuni Pueblo are incredible and so they really make great gifts! 

Sea Horse of Tranquility

Sea Horse of Tranquility By Terry Wilson, Dine-Zuni

The Women’s Peace collection is a social enterprise focused on helping women artisans around the world to connect with a larger audience so they can become self sufficient entrepreneurs.

The Women’s Peace Collection sells fair-trade and ethically sourced handmade jewelry, accessories and gifts created by women in 12 different countries.

They also have specific collections like the Freedom Collection, made by women survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. Your purchase helps support their recovery and entrepreneurial dreams.

Ubuntu Life is a brand out of Kenya that creates products like shoes, bags, and bracelets. 

They focus on offering sustainable employment opportunities for the mothers of children with special needs, that they lovingly refer to as their “Maker Moms”. Maker Moms are offered sustainable work opportunities at Ubuntu Life with above market wages and benefits. 

Additionally, revenue from Ubuntu Life goes to support the Ubuntu Life Foundation which focuses on supporting children and families with special educational and physical needs throughout Kenya.

Krochet Kids is a lifestyle brand and handmade headwear company that’s focused on creating fair trade and sustainable employment and empowerment opportunities for hundreds of people in Peru and Uganda. Their mission is helping people to rise out of poverty to be able to provide for their families and begin planning for the future. 

Krochet Kids sell handmade beanies, scarves, mittens and even super cute crocheted animals that are handmade for a fair wage and from sustainable materials.

GlobeIn is a purpose-driven subscription box that’s curated with fair-trade sustainable products from their artisan partners from around the world.

The focus of GlobeIn is to enrich the lives of individual artisans, their families and communities by connecting conscious consumers with delightful products.  

They curate multiple boxes each month which you get to choose your favorite from.

Box subscriptions are available in 3-month, 6-month, or monthly annual increments. You can also purchase a single box.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

This is by no means an all-encompassing list for conscious and ethical gift giving, and shopping small, shopping local, buying fair-trade and sustainable products, or purchasing direct from artisans is always a great option too. 

But if you are shopping online this year, I hope this has given you some good ideas and impactful options to consider.


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