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If you’re looking to start working from home as a virtual assistant but don’t know where to start, BELAY is an excellent option to consider. BELAY Solutions has been around for several years and offers the opportunity to work remotely and enjoy a flexible schedule without having to worry about hustling to find and maintain your own clients for paid work. 

In this BELAY Solutions review, we’ll discuss which remote positions are currently open, how to qualify and apply, and some pros and cons to consider. 

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BELAY Solutions Company Overview

BELAY is a leading staffing provider that specializes in remote work, offering virtual assistants, bookkeepers, social media managers, and web specialists to U.S.-based clientele. Their services not only facilitate high-quality work but also ensure work-life balance, fostering a sense of community and support for their virtual workers.

Working with a variety of clients from nonprofit organizations to corporate businesses, BELAY’s virtual workforce provides necessary support from the comfort of home. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or looking to make a career change, BELAY’s work from home opportunities might be your gateway to a new professional life where you can work remotely and still enjoy the benefits of an environment supporting teamwork and a healthy organizational culture.

BELAY Work From Home Jobs and Qualifications

So, what type of work from home jobs does BELAY offer? 

Virtual Executive Assistant

One of BELAY’s most prominent work from home positions is a virtual assistant role. But this company is not just looking for someone who can complete tasks. Your role as a BELAY virtual assistant contractor may require you to support multiple clients and their exact needs and preferences while adapting efficiently to their team structures.

Those interested in providing virtual assistant services for BELAY must have strong organizational skills, excellent communication abilities, and a proactive mindset.


  • Bachelor’s Degree and experience working remotely preferred
  • Available daily (Mon-Fri) during business hours, and able to dedicate at least 20 hours/week
  • Experience in an administrative support role
  • In-home office setup including Mac or PC Computer (including webcam) with minimum 1.0ghz dual-core processor, 8gb, and the most recent version of MS Office installed (all programs; Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • A fast and reliable internet connection
  • Smartphone with email capabilities
  • Designated professional, quiet space
  • You can apply here

Compensation: $18-$21 per hour


BELAY offers a remote bookkeeper position for those with a background in finance and accounting. These roles require expertise in QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, and other accounting software. Some of your responsibilities will include cash flow management, data entry, 1099 creation, and updating the weekly/monthly balance sheet. 

As with all BELAY positions, a proactive mindset and excellent communication skills are crucial for success in this role. A few years of experience with bookkeeping or accounting services can also help.


  • Bachelor’s (preferred but not required) in Business, Accounting, Finance, or a related field
  • Home office setup
  • Computer with webcam
  • Smartphone with email capabilities and push notifications
  • High-speed Internet Access
  • You can apply here

Compensation: $20-$25 per hour

Social Media Manager

If you have experience creating compelling content and building an online presence, BELAY’s social media manager position might be the ideal fit for you. As a virtual Social Media Strategist, you will assist clients with their unique social media needs, including managing their social media platforms, engaging their audiences, and increasing their brand awareness.

To help clients develop a strong online presence, BELAY seeks individuals with expertise in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


  • Experience developing, implementing, and managing social media strategies
  • Knowledge of how to create paid ad placements and track their ROI
  • Ability to define important social media KPIs for your goals 
  • You can apply here

Compensation: $28-$33 per hour

A home office desk, with a keyboard, calendar, cup of coffee, and a plant.

BELAY Work From Home Hiring Process

The application process with BELAY is pretty straightforward. Applicants can expect an initial application, followed by a thorough assessment process that may include virtual interviews, skills evaluations, and scenario-based simulations. BELAY invests heavily in ensuring their virtual workforces are not only capable but also enthusiastic about their work.

BELAY expects employees to self-train and have some experience in their position, but it will provide onboarding resources and ongoing support for its contractors via webinars, mentors, and coaching.

BELAY Work From Home Benefits

BELAY offers competitive wages and professional development opportunities. For many, the flexibility of remote work is a primary draw since most positions are independent contractor jobs where you have control over your schedule. 

The company does ask that you remain available during normal business hours (Monday-Friday), but you only need to work a minimum of 10 hours per week. There are also opportunities to work full-time at 40 hours or more. 

BELAY Company Reviews

BELAY has a 4.1 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor with 536+ reviews and a 3.6 out of 5 on Indeed. Overall, current and former employees say they like the flexible job options and positive company culture. 

Here’s what one employee has to say about working at BELAY:

“I read tons of reviews about BELAY and truly thought they were fake, because how can so many be so positive?! But once I began the (I’ll admit, semi-long) process to begin, I realized why. The long process and amazing reviews is because BELAY actually takes it’s time finding the perfect candidate to match with the perfect client. When I say BELAY was a life changer in the most amazing ways, I truly, truly mean it.” – Current employee (Indeed

Another employee mentioned how the pay could be higher, but BELAY serves as the middleman and charges clients a larger sum to take a portion before paying contractors.

“A company hiring a virtual assistant through Belay will pay 2x what the contracted VA will receive. For example, a company will pay Belay 2k a month to have a VA, and the VA will receive 1k. So make sure that you take advantage of all the resources the company provides because they value that cost at half.” – Current employee (Glassdoor)

BELAY Virtual Assistant Work From Home Job Pros and Cons

If you’re considering a potential job opportunity with BELAY, here are some drawbacks and advantages that employees report.


  • Variety of career opportunities 
  • Competitive pay compared to similar WFH companies
  • Flexible hours
  • Work from home
  • Extended support and mentoring
  • Positive ratings


  • Benefits aren’t available for contract positions
  • May not receive bonuses or incentives
  • Need to have your own computer equipment to get started
  • They do not hire contractors from California, Montana, New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania

How to Apply

If you have a passion for working remotely, helping others grow their business and reach, and have some relevant experience for any of BELAY’s contractor roles, you may want to apply. 

You can apply by visiting the company’s website. You’ll occasionally see other job postings that mention BELAY, but they are not affiliated with the company and are likely scams. It’s best to apply through the official company website. 

Note that BELAY Solutions will only contact you through the official company email if they are interested in you moving forward in the hiring process. BELAY does not ask candidates for money during the hiring process either. 

BELAY Solutions Review Wrapup

The remote jobs offered through BELAY Solutions are flexible and pay more than other companies that offer similar roles. While you could probably earn more as a freelance virtual assistant by contracting work with clients directly, you also benefit from not having to seek out new client opportunities to work consistently. 

BELAY completely handles the client relationship to allow a steady flow of work so you can focus on the task at hand. This will enable you to work consistently and get paid regularly. 

Whether you are interested in helping a small business succeed, love spreadsheets and running numbers, or want to help entrepreneurs meet their initial goals for a social media presence, joining the BELAY team could be a great option.


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