4 Reasons Why You Should Take Time Off


Here are 4 reasons why a break not only makes sense but can also represent a very special time in life.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Take Time Off

The Time Of Your Life

Once you have decided o take a break, the biggest step has already been taken. Then all you have to do is act and arrange everything to enter the wonderful world of freedom. Getting out of the clutches of everyday life and making every single day the way you always imagined it is something very special in today’s fast-paced world. You feel like a student again during the holiday season, with all doors open for the perfect leisure time activities: sleeping as long as you want. Sitting in cafes for hours. Stroll through the city without time pressure. Lying in the park with a book when the weather is nice. Watching TV late into the night because you don’t have to get up early in the morning. Or lose yourself passionately in a hobby that you never had enough time for before. All of these are things that not only offer us a high quality of life, but also open hearts and minds to new visions and ideas.

Finally, Think Of Yourself

Job, household, family, friends, appointments, commitments – everything takes time and sometimes makes our own needs atrophy a bit. Being selfish is not exactly one of the most positive character traits, but for a certain time you can free yourself from this social dogma and, for once, only think of yourself, i.e. just let your thoughts revolve around yourself: What have you always wanted do? Which dream has been nagging at you for a long time and longs for fulfillment? Is there something you would really burn for if you only had the time? Often the fears or doubts of others prevent us from realizing a dream or wish – be it out of (caring) concern, envy or ignorance. In the end, however, you should always remember that you can never please everyone. So it’s best to do what your heart tells you, because the person who knows best how to be happy is only yourself!

You Get To Know Yourself Better

In the fast-moving everyday life, one often inevitably swims with the current of the ordinary, which can cause one’s own individuality and personality to suffer. For the sake of simplicity, many follow what others are doing and no longer even think about whether this is really the right thing for them. During a break – detached from standards, norms and classic consumption – it is like a real awakening: mainstream and advertising suddenly lose their importance. You no longer have to buy something just to please others or to feel socially accepted. What other people think of you is no longer so important. And suddenly you have a biorhythm: You prefer to sleep longer, actually only need two meals a day and have to spend at least an hour a day in nature. You can finally be the way you want, regardless of the time of day: clumsy, chaotic, forgetful, grumpy, lazy. And when the long-awaited serenity is finally there, you could tear down trees with her.

Your Body And Health Will Thank You!

Suddenly there is time. Time for good food, conscious shopping, long sleeps and beautiful thoughts. No more hassle at work, which is often responsible for the mean frown lines between the eyebrows. Symptoms of stress such as stomach and joint pains, red eyes or chronic fatigue disappear as if by magic and at the same time you no longer need the sweets rations in between. And after a few months, thanks to good nutrition and exercise, your figure will change significantly for the better – without dieting and massive exercise – and the absence of stress will automatically add to deep relaxation.


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