18 Ways to Earn an Extra $100 per Week From Home


Making extra money from home doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. In fact, you can easily earn $100 per week from home doing short tasks in your spare time.

Earning $100 per week may not sound like much, but multiply that by 52 weeks, and that’s $5,200 per year. Imagine what you could do with the extra money, whether it’s used to supplement bills, pay off debt, or fund a nice vacation.

If you’re ready to start earning money remotely, here are 18 ways to make an extra $100 per week from home.

1. Take Online Surveys

Taking surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online. As long as you’re willing to share your opinion, you can make money by answering general questions online. Some survey sites even have an app version so you can make money from your phone or tablet.

To maximize your earnings with surveys, sign up with multiple quality sites. The best survey sites pay cash for surveys and at least give you some points for filling out pre-qualifying questionnaires to determine whether you’re a good fit for a paid survey.

Here are a few reputable survey sites to start with include:

2. Focus Groups

Focus groups are a little different than surveys, but they still provide an opportunity to get paid for your opinion. Generally, focus groups have been offered in person in group settings. Brands pay you to share your opinion and converse with others about specific topics, products, and services.

However, some focus group sites provide online opportunities to earn money for your opinion. Focus groups tend to pay more than survey sites, and you can expect to make anywhere from $50-$200 per hour of your time.

Sites like Sago, User Interviews, and Respondent are all great places to find virtual focus group opportunities that you can do from home.

3. Test Websites

Another easy way to earn $100 per week is by testing websites. You’ll need a laptop with a built-in mic and webcam or computer, along with a solid internet connection.

Most tests take 5-25 minutes to complete, and sites like UserTesting pay an average of $10 per test. They also pay more for longer tests, so you could get paid as much as $60 per test.

Learn more about which sites pay you to test other people’s websites here.

Love social media? Social platforms are not going anywhere anytime soon, and several jobs have even been created thanks to social media. For extra money, you can schedule social media posts for businesses and entrepreneurs. You can also create Pinterest images for websites or monitor Facebook groups and respond to comments.

Some companies that can help you get started with work from home social media jobs include:

  • $99 Social: Social Media Content Specialist
  • BELAY: Virtual Social Media Assistant
  • ModSquad: Mod (Digital Engagement Pro)
  • SocialBee: Various Social Media Specialities

5. Search Engine Evaluator

Have you ever wondered how Google seems to know everything and come up with relevant resources for your search each time? Search engine evaluators, also called online data analysts, analyze search engine results to make sure they are accurate and helpful to users.

This is a part-time work from home job you can do to easily earn $100 per week or more. Search engine evaluators tend to make $12-$16 per hour. Some companies that hire search engine evaluators to work from home include:

6. Transcription Work

Transcriptionists take video and audio content and turn it into a written document. If you can type efficiently, you may enjoy working from home as a transcriptionist. Some of the most common types of transcription work are general, legal, and medical.

Transcriptionists typically get paid per audio minute and not per hour, but it depends on which company you work for. Some of the best places to find work from home transcription jobs include:

7. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog, set a goal to earn $100 per week or more with affiliate marketing. Promote products and services you love with a unique affiliate link to make money with your blog, YouTube channel, or social media.

To earn more money with affiliate marketing, you’ll want to increase your traffic and apply for affiliates with higher payouts. For example, if you sign up with an affiliate that pays $50 per sign-up, you only need to make two sales per week to earn $100.

You can market your affiliates to your email list by posting product reviews, sharing tutorials, or offering promotions.

8. Tutor Online

If you’d like to work from home as a tutor, there are plenty of opportunities to help you earn some extra cash. Cambly pays tutors by the minute, and you make around $10.20-$12.00 per hour. Studypool also hires tutors to answer homework questions online. Top tutors with Studypool can earn $7,500 a month!

Other online tutoring jobs to consider include:

9. Sell Printables

Selling printable downloads is another way to earn an extra $100 per week from home. Printable downloads are digital documents such as checklists, worksheets, calendars, activity trackers, and more that can be printed out and used. The best way to create printable downloads is with Canva or an editing tool like Adobe InDesign. Canva makes it easy to customize templates and add fonts and other designs to create many types of printable downloads. 

The best place to sell your printable downloads is on Etsy. If you have a blog, you can also sell them to your audience by setting up an e-commerce platform or shop page like Holly has on this site.

10. Write Articles

If you like to write, you can get paid to publish articles online. Regular content is needed for blogs, online publications, and other types of businesses. Consider marketing yourself as a freelance writer so you can set your own rates and choose your clients.

To get started, you’ll need to choose a niche to specialize in, and you may want to brush up on your writing skills by taking a course or practicing during your spare time. You’ll want to get two to three writing samples before you start looking for jobs. These can be articles from your own blog or guest articles you publish on other sites. 

Then, consider checking freelance job boards like ProbloggerUpwork, and Freelancer.com  to apply for paying gigs. As a beginner, you can start by writing articles for $100 each. This means you’ll only need to write one article per week to meet your goal.

11. Virtual Assistant Work

A virtual assistant, often abbreviated as VA, is someone who provides online services to assist business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers with regular tasks. VAs can perform a variety of tasks, including scheduling social media posts and monitoring social media pages, editing blog posts, checking emails, sending invoices, performing research, and more. 

It’s important to narrow down which specific VA services you’d like to offer and who your target client is. Do you want to create Pinterest pins for bloggers? Or do you want to transcribe podcast content and write show notes for entrepreneurs who have a podcast? 

You can also start with basic services like online research, managing email, or scheduling content for social media. To find virtual assistant jobs online, start with sites like ByronMy VA Rocks, and Peachtee VA. According to Talent.com, the average pay rate for a VA is $19.48 per hour. This means you can earn $100 per week by working just 6 hours per week ($116.88).  

12. Pet Sit or Walk Dogs

If you like animals, consider pet sitting or walking dogs. This may not be a job you can always do at home, but if you are somewhat mobile, it could be a good fit. Plus, you can definitely use the internet to find and book clients. 

Rover is a website similar to Care.com, but it helps connect pet sitters with pet owners in their area who are looking to hire for this service. You can create your own profile to share more about your experience and interest in caring for pets. Rover also allows you to set your own pricing and availability for when you can work. 

Using Rover is helpful because it handles all the payment processing and provides a sizable audience to market your services. You can also offer dog walking services if you wish to boost your earnings and book more clients. 

13. Data Entry

Data entry work has been around for the longest time. Basically, data entry involves you taking a recorded or hard copy of a transcript and inputting it into a computer database. You’ll need basic typing and computer skills, but most positions provide training and support, so this is an ideal opportunity for beginners.

The pay for data entry jobs isn’t always great, but the work is typically easy and straightforward. Several companies hire data entry workers who can work from their home computers, including Axion Data Services, Conduent, and Capital Typing

14. Freelance on Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular digital marketplace for freelancers to offer a variety of services to clients. Some of the most successful freelancers perform tasks such as editing content, videos, or podcasts, creating logos and graphic design work, as well as writing, translation, and digital marketing tasks. 

You can also offer creative services on Fiverr, like consulting, data entry, and voice-over services. Just narrow down which services you want to specialize in and offer. With Fiverr, you create your own profile and add descriptions for your offered services which are called ‘gigs’ on the platform.

You can set your own pricing, and Fiverr makes it easy for customers to book your services and pay securely through the website. To be successful on Fiverr, you’ll want to prioritize customer service and get lots of positive reviews to demonstrate client satisfaction. 

15. Play Games

If you don’t have the time or energy to earn $100 per week from home, you can consider playing games on your phone to make extra cash. There are lots of apps and computer games that will pay you real cash or gift cards when you play. 

First, consider rewards apps like Mistplay, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars, which allow you to earn points by testing out different game apps. Depending on your state, some casino games may be available, and you can enter tournaments to earn real cash.

You can also consider reviewing games by starting your own gaming blog or YouTube channel. It may take time to build up an audience and get followers, but you can monetize with ads, affiliate links, and sponsorships to earn a semi-passive income. 

16. Make Money With Your Car

Another great side hustle where you can make an extra $100 a week is by joining an on-demand app like DoorDash, HopSkipDrive, Uber, or Instacart. With these apps, you can earn extra money on a flexible schedule, completing tasks like shopping for groceries and delivering them, people, or restaurant food to their destinations. With these side gigs, you can earn a few extra bucks or turn it into a full-time job.

17. Sell Stuff

You likely have many things lying around your home that you no longer use. Books that you’ve already read, clothes you no longer wear, or toys your kids no longer play with. Instead of letting these items sit around your home and collect dust, sell them online! With platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, eBay, and Craigslist, it has never been easier to turn your stuff into cash. Or, if you have a lot of stuff, host a weekend garage sale. According to PODS, you can potentially make between $500 and $1,000 with a well-planned garage sale. 

However, once you run out of items in your home, you can take some of your profits and head to thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales, buy items cheaply, and then sell them online for a higher price. This is called retail arbitrage or reselling. Some people, like Melissa and Rob, have turned reselling finds into a full-time six-figure at-home business! 

18. Design and Sell T-Shirts

If you have catchy phrase ideas or you’re a skilled designer or artist, you can create merchandise and sell it online using a print-on-demand company. Many print-on-demand companies, like Redbubble, Spring, and Spreadshirt, allow you to begin for free; all you need is some creativity and a little time to create your designs.

With these platforms, you can sign up for a free account, make your designs, and sell them online. Once you make a sale, the print-on-demand company will print and ship the item directly to your customer. For example, if you design and sell a T-shirt on the Spring platform, they have a base price for each item. If a T-shirt has a base price of $10, and you sell it for $24, your profit will be $14. To make an extra $100 per week, you would need to sell 8 T-shirts a week (making you a profit of $112). 

Of course, the whole idea of build it and they’ll come is a fallacy. You’ll need to promote your merchandise so that people know it’s out there. Using visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are free and effective for getting the word out.

Making an Extra $100 per Week Wrapup

If you have a few extra hours each week, you can easily earn an extra $100 per week consistently from home. All of these ideas are flexible and allow you to create your own schedule. Consider what your interests and current skills are to narrow down your options. Just be sure to try out multiple sites if you’re looking to take surveys, test websites, or apply for focus groups. That way, you can maximize your earning potential without spending too much extra time looking for opportunities.

Originally published on April 29, 2020. Content updated April 2024.


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