15 BEST Summer Work From Home Jobs for Moms


Summer is quickly approaching, and whether you’re sending the little ones off to summer camp or not, you’ll want to take advantage of the scores of summer work from home jobs perfect for stay-at-home parents!

This list combines everything any parent would want in a summer work from home job: flexibility, online opportunities, and money. It’s a complete win-win!

Check out this list of summer jobs for moms, and let us know what you decide to do this summer! 

1. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a fabulous work from home summer job for moms. Not only is there a wide range of freelancing opportunities available, but you’re also completely free to set your own schedule. Decide which writing services you’d like to offer as a freelancer, and pitch your services to clients.

Here are some popular freelance writing services to offer:

You can search for freelance gigs online, you can use a freelance marketplace to connect with clients, or you can pitch your services directly to clients. Take on as much or as little as your summer schedule allows. Below are some places to start your freelance jobs search:

  • Fiverr – Independent contactor
  • Legiit – Independent contactor
  • Upwork – Independent contactor
  • Problogger – Depends on the hiring agency

2. Pet Caregiver 

Love animals? Why not spend the dog days of summer with some furry friends? Make some serious cash while you spend those warm, breezy, carefree days of summer dog walking or taking care of pets while friends vacation. 

With the kids out of school, summer is prime time for people to take a vacation, and it’s one of the best ways for you to cash in on some four-legged fun while others are away. 

With most boarding facilities filling fast for the summer days ahead, many families will look for reliable pet sitters, dog walkers, and house sitters alike. 

Wondering how to get the word out? Here are a few spots where you can “advertise” your pet caregiving services:  

  • Local Facebook groups 
  • Flyers in local coffee shops 
  • Networking with neighbors and friends 

Some well-known platforms for snagging petcare gigs are: 

  • Wag! – Independent contactor
  • Rover – Independent contactor
  • Care.com – Independent contactor

3. Short Tasks

Due to their small time commitment, short tasks are the perfect summer job for stay-at-home moms! Not only do they offer the flexibility of being quick tasks, but there is also a wide variety you can choose from!  

From getting paid to take pictures on your smartphone to search engine evaluation, data entry, online surveys, focus group studies, translation, website testing, and more!

Here are some reliable short-task sites you can dive into right now and start making extra money: 

4. Online Tutoring

This work from home summer job is perfect for those who love to help others learn a new skill. If you’re looking for a job with a flexible schedule, tutoring may be just what you are looking for. The topics you can teach are endless, and all depend on your education, expertise, and passions. Some sites will pay you to log in and answer homework questions online, while others allow you to teach online lessons and classes in things like ESL, cooking, music, art, and more!

Do you love all things social? If you find yourself checking your Instagram account just as much as you’re picking up Legos and markers, this may be the perfect work at home summer job for you!  

As a social media specialist, you’ll help businesses grow through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

Here are some sites where you can make money in the sun all while managing and moderating social media accounts for clients: 

6. Chat Agents

If you love talking with people but have a house full of kiddos, becoming an online chat agent is a great way to earn cash and help people in the process.

Below are a few great places where you can easily apply to become a chat agent.

7. Mystery Shopper

There’s nothing better than spending long, gloriously warm summer days making money shopping! That’s right; you can spend your time between the sun and the stores, all while enjoying the flexibility of being with the kiddos as a Mystery Shopper.

Below are a few companies that will pay you to shop away. 

8. Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you’ve worked in a professional setting, you likely have many transferrable skills that would be perfect for virtual assistant (VA) work. As a virtual assistant, you’ll help business owners with administrative tasks like scheduling appointments, answering emails, data entry, internet research, customer service, writing, editing, marketing, and whatever else they need help with. The nice thing about VA work is you’re usually given a 24-hour period to perform tasks, so you generally can work on tasks in between playdates and doing your most important job, being a mom!

Here are some companies that hire part-time virtual assistants:

9. Bookkeeping

Do you have a head for numbers? Businesses of all kinds are in search of bookkeepers! Small and large business owners are constantly looking for individuals to manage their finances. 

Bookkeepers have the flexibility of work from home hours and are in high demand, so there are plenty of opportunities to scale your business long after the summer sun has faded. 

You can start your very own work from home business this summer as a bookkeeper. Check out how you can become a bookkeeper in this free training.

Here are some to check for online bookkeeping jobs:

10. Become a Customer Service Representative

If you enjoy talking on the phone and helping customers solve their issues, there are tons of part-time work from home customer service jobs for the taking! Most companies require prior experience, but if you have any retail experience, this usually will count. Be sure to read through the equipment requirements for each position, as most companies will require you to have a high-speed internet connection, a computer, and a corded headset with a microphone. 

Here are some companies that hire part-time customer service reps and receptionists:

11. Become a Transcriptionist

If you’re an excellent listener, have fast and accurate typing skills, and have a good command of the English language, transcription work is a great option for stay-at-home moms.

With transcription work, you’ll listen to audio files and transcribe them into written documents. For some companies like Rev, you don’t need any experience to start, but you will need to pass a quiz to demonstrate your grammar and English language skills. Once you’ve proved yourself, you can work any time of the day or night working on transcription projects. If this sounds like a dream gig, but you need to brush up on your English skills, check out Janet’s transcription course, Transcribe Anywhere.

Here are some other companies that hire transcribers:

12. Online Proofreader

Do you have an eye for catching typos and errors in written content? Then, turn your English language skills and attention to detail into a summer proofreading side hustle. Authors, writers, bloggers, publishers, and magazines are just a few of the professionals who need the assistance of good proofreaders.

You can find online proofreading jobs on freelance platforms like Upwork or on sites like FlexJobs. You can look at companies that specialize in offering proofreading and editing services like Express Writers, EditFast, and Scribendi

If your English skills are a little rusty, you can take an online proofreading course like Proofread Anywhere. This course teaches you practical and business-building skills so you can start making money quickly. If you’re curious about a proofreading side hustle, check out this free online training

13. Provide Childcare Services

Maybe your little one would like an extra playmate this summer? If you love kids, then providing childcare services might be the ideal summer job for you. 

There are many ways you could go about this side hustle. You could find families in your neighborhood and offer them as-needed babysitting services for date nights, or you could be a daytime nanny for another family. You can also use on-demand apps and websites to connect with potential clients who need quality care for their kids. If you’d like to turn this idea into a full-fledged business, you could even start a daycare, which is obviously a bit more complicated. 

If you’d like to explore this summer money-making option, check out: 

14. Do Freelance Design Work

Whether you’re self-taught or professionally trained, if you know your way around design tools like Photoshop and Canva, you can turn your design skills into cash. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations all need visual design materials to use in their businesses every day. These include design files like SVGs, logos, brochures, business cards, social media assets, media kits, and more! But it doesn’t stop there; you can also design fonts, patterns, graphics, icons, templates, printables, and more! 

To begin this summer job, you can create an account on a freelance platform like Dribbble, 99designs, or Fiverr and start working on freelance projects. 

Another way to make money with this small business idea is to sell your designs on Creative Market, Etsy, or Spoonflower. The great thing about selling your designs this way is that you create the design (font, pattern, icon, etc.) once, and you’ll earn passive income each time you make a sale. You can also sign up with a print-on-demand company, like Redbubble, Spring, or Spreadshirt, and earn money from selling your designs on T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, phone cases, and more! 

Lastly, you can explore companies that are hiring part-time graphic designers. Some of these remote jobs will be freelance, while others will be W2 positions. Staffing agencies, marketing and advertising agencies, and publishing companies are excellent places to search for these summertime jobs!

15. Start a Summer Side Hustle

Want more flexibility? Why not start your own home-based business this summer? From starting a dog treat bakery to becoming a TikTok content creator or a craft seller, if you can dream it, you can make money from it. Summer is the perfect time to start your side hustle slowly; then, when your kids go back to school, you can ramp it up into a full-time gig in the fall.

Here’s a list of some flexible side hustles you can start:

If you want to start an online business but are unsure how to get started, grab this free business plan template to ensure you have all your bases covered.

Other Places to Find Online Job Opportunities

There are a plethora of work from home jobs that are perfect for the summertime!

Some other popular spots you’ll want to check out for remote work opportunities this summer are sites like FlexJobs, The Work at Home Woman Blog (sign up for our newsletter, too!), and even Facebook groups.

Local or larger-scale Facebook groups can be excellent places to find businesses looking for various roles, such as social media specialists, graphic design positions, virtual assistants, and more. 

Search for groups with “entrepreneur” or even terms such as “boss moms” in their titles, and you’ll discover many groups that feature #opportunity posts. Many of my leads come from these groups!

Work From Home Summer Success Tips

Whether the kiddos are home or at camp, you’ll want to create a schedule that works for you so you can have the best of all worlds: making money, spending time in the sun, and having fun with your family.

Here are a few tips for work at home summer success: 

1. Don’t Over Schedule 

It might be tempting to take on every job that comes your way (there are a ton of them!), but remember, this is your summer, and you’ll most likely want time for other things (hello, lazy beach days, and movies outside). Start by checking your summer calendar and ask yourself a few questions:

  • How many hours do you want to work each week?
  • Do you want to make your own schedule?
  • Do you want to work primarily at night while the kiddos sleep or during the day? 
  • Would you prefer to work on days the kids are at camps?

2. Avoid Taking a Job Just to Take a Job

Right along with over-scheduling, you don’t want to bog down your time with a job that you absolutely can’t stand. Remember, there are many opportunities for remote summer positions out there. Choose the one you’ll enjoy!  

3. Watch Out for Work From Home Scams

While there are many legitimate work from home job postings, you’ll still want to do your due diligence and research the company’s website, reviews, and ratings before applying. Technology has made it easy for scammers to promote their deceptive opportunities, so be sure to verify your sources, track your applications, and read reviews on Glassdoor.com. Imposter scams and unsolicited job offers are two areas where unsuspecting job seekers often fall prey to scams.

4. Understand Your Employment Status

You may have noticed that I included the words “W2” or “independent contractor” after each hiring company. If you are working as an independent contractor, you are considered self-employed, which means you’ll need to set money aside for taxes. Working as an independent contractor tends to lend itself to more flexibility in terms of scheduling, but you need to be prepared for your financial responsibilities, such as tracking income and expenses and submitting quarterly tax payments.

Summer Work From Home Jobs Wrapup

As we approach those wonderfully long days of flip-flops, shorts, and sunscreen, you can easily enjoy a relaxed approach to your summer, all while making some serious cash! 

While you’re earning money from these summer work from home jobs, remember to take some time for yourself.

Need more flexible job ideas? Check out this massive list of virtual part-time jobs!

Originally published April 29, 2022. Content updated April 2024.


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