12 Best Razors for a Close, Comfortable Shave


Cartridge razors allow for a fast shave if you’re pressed for time because of the multiple blades at work. However, Dr. Ilyas says the cartridges should be changed routinely, which can add up in price. And there’s no getting around it—if you use a cartridge for too long, you may injure yourself. “Hairs often get trapped between the blades as well, making them less effective over multiple uses,” Dr. Ilyas explains.

Disposable razors are similarly constructed and can be used on the same body areas. Still, they are only designed for one or two uses, says Sonia Batra, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in California. (For your reference, the American Academy of Dermatology, or AAD, recommends changing blades or throwing away disposable razors after five to seven shaves to minimize irritation.) “A disposable razor generally has lower-quality blades, so the shave is less close, and you are more likely to nick or cut yourself,” Dr. Batra explains.

What are safety razors?

Safety razors are single-blade razors made for long-term use with a protective device positioned between the blade’s edge and the skin. Dr. Batra explains that safety razors use disposable blades, which are much cheaper (10 to 20 cents each) than those used in cartridge razors (typically $2 and up). “[Using] these still have a learning curve despite the protective device; however, they are not as difficult to master as a straight razor,” she says.

People who develop razor burns from cartridge razors may benefit from safety razors. “There are safety razors with closed combs and longer handles that are recommended for women’s legs and armpits,” says Dr. Batra, who notes they can also be used on the face as a dermaplaning tool to exfoliate the skin while removing peach fuzz.

What are electric razors?

Electric razors have motorized blades topped with “foil,” A.K.A a thin metal sheet with small holes. “The tiny holes in the foil capture the hair, and the oscillating blades come by and cut it,” says Dr. Ilyas. “This makes for a safe and fast shave, but not necessarily as close as with a traditional razor.” It’s worth noting that even though these are thought to be less irritating, it’s possible that not only hair gets pulled into the foil, but the skin as well. (Ouch.)

Rotary electric razors have three circular heads spaced like a triangle. “The round guard of each head captures hairs, and an internal spinning blade or cutter shaves these hairs,” says Dr. Ilyas. This safe and fast shave permits quick movement around the contours of the neck and jawline, where hairs are captured at multiple angles.


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